pictures handling family

Lara and her Afghan hounds / horses


Lara and our beloved Simon ,Simon is now 6 month old

Lara and her girl friend Chilli in Oberhausen,they had a lot of fun together

Lara and Andrea with Frank and Spicey at the age of  8,5 month

Spicey, Lara und Frank

Leila and Lara


Lara and Ryan after their ''Job''

Lara with her beloved friends and her trainer Francis during her holiday-week in Sweden.
Thank you so much for all Gunilla and Francis !





Lara and Tessa are making their exercises

Lara and her Juniorhandling with Tessa

Lara has a new friend



Lara with her new family member Tessa

Lara having fun with some puppies


Lara and the pony in Hungria

Lara cooks for her guests...

June 2006


Lara is practicing for the next show...

...with her beloved CHIP!

June 2006

Lara won her first price in Juniorhandling

Way to go!


Gate auf Beobachtungsposten mit Freundin Lara

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