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Our two puppies are available for the right home,
If you are interested ,don't hesitate to contact us !


Happen'z Blaze of Glory ''Jamie'' ,18 month old

Happen'z Breaking The Law,18 month old

Sophie has new pics at the age of 15 month on her site

some new pics from our 9 weeks old girls

some new pics from our 8 weeks old girls

some funny pics under family page...( under Lara page)

CCcCathrin and Cathy at the age of 4 weeks say ''Hello''

1WWhat a windy day ,friendship by every weather !

the first puppy pics are online !



Very hot news : Happen'z Brand New Star '' Brando''  is Winner Dog at the
North Cal. Speciality under Mrs. Susan Bahary,congratulation Didier !
Thank you Ria for this wonderful pic !


Happen'z Building A Mystery ''Eddie'' was very successful in Komaron,he got under Mr.Tesic Ex1,CAC
Res.CACIB and under Z.Gajic Ex1,CAC,Res.CACIB
in Brno under O.Vondrour he got Ex1,CAC

Welcome Jason ,Jazzaro's Say What You Say !

Happen'z Blaze of Glory ,Jamie at the age of 15 month

Happen'z Busy Being Fabulous ''Fenja'' won in Maastricht under Mrs.Dr.Z.Sirik
Ex 1,JCAC,CAC and BOB from Junior Class ,what a sensationell result !
Our warmest congratulation Ria,you did a great job !

Our Stevie won V1 in Haan Hochdahl under Mrs. J.Szanka and Sophie won V1,J.CAC,JBOB

Happen'z Billie Jean had another great weekend !
Danville Kennel Club,Inc.-Thursday 08/19/10 Judge Mr. Charles L. Olvis  1/W/BW/OS,1point
Greater Hickory Kennel Club,Inc.-Friday 08/20/10 Judge Mrs. Th. Brown  1/W/BW,2 points
Billie needs now only 3 points to get her American Championship !
Our best congratulation for Nermin and Billie ,we are proud of you !



Jamie won in Bad Homburg V1,JCAC,JVDH and Landesjugendsieger Hessen-Thüringen
under Mr. O.Knauber ,Way to go,Inge and Jamie !


There are HOT NEWS under current/planned litter !


Jamie won in Leipzig under Mrs.D. Getzinger V1,JCAC and Junior Winner Leipzig 2010
Congratulation Inge ,Jamie and their family !


Our weekend in Donaueschingen was successful : first day under Mr.B.Fritz Stacy won in champ class
Bella Donna and Micheal were both second in Junior Class
Second day under Mr. B.Bengston Stacy was second in champ class,Bella Donna won V1,J.CAC and
our Michael won V1,J.CAC ,JBOB and was 3.JBIS !
Michael finished his German Junior Champ in great style.
Thank you so much all judges !
You can see also some impression pics from this wonderful ambiente......

Another great weekend for Happen'z !
Michael won his second JCAC,Stevie won V1,Res.CAC and Donna won V1,JCAC,BOS and BOB
under Mr.Slojutro (HR) in Münster,thank you for these wonderful day !


Sophie won her Lux.J.Champ and our Stacy finished her Luxemburger Championship under Mr.L.Dehaes,
great weekend for Happen'z !

Jamie won in Luxemburg his Lux.J.Champ under Mr. L.Dehaes (B) !

Hot weekend with hot results !!!
Jamie won in Darmstadt under Mrs.M.De Haney (Irmensul Kennel) V1,J.CAC,BOS and Bella Donna won
V1,JCAC,BOS and BOB .Both finished in great style their Junior Championship !!!
Thank you so much for this great day.....

Donna,Sophie,Micheal,Stevie ,Simon and Lara have new head,moving or standing pics on their own site's

Jamie won his second JCAC and JBOB under Mr. G.v.Lehn in Nürnberg,
congratulation Inge and Jochen,Jessica and Janina !

Fenja won her 2 nd Junior CAC under Mr. Van Iersel (NL)
Congratulation Ria and Kelly !

Some new pics from Billie Jean from sunny Florida,it was a very hot day ! Thank you so much Nermin !

Eddi ,son of Fonze and Leila,won his 3 JCACs very quickly under Mr. A.Lamperti (IT),Mrs. Voijtekova (SK) and Mr.V.
Panuschka (CZ) and was 2. JBIG ! Congratulation Sarka and Eddi !

Happen'z Anasthasia,our daughter of Ryan won V1,CAC,VDH,BOS,CACIB,BOB and BIG 2 under Mr. E.Sistermann
and Mrs. M.Heine in Gießen. Thank you so much for this successful day !


Happen'z Blaze of Glory ''Jamie'' won V1,Jun.CAC and Happen'z Breaking the Law
won V2,Res.JCAC under Mr. E.Sistermann in Gießen ,Congratualtion !

Simon has two new pics on his own site


Our Stacy finished her German Championship in great style with
V1,CAC,BOS and BOB under Mr. Kuszyk(Pl) in Tüttleben

Stevie got V2,Res.VDH under Mr. Kuszyk (Pl) in Tüttleben

Stevie has new  stacked and moving pics under his own site

Dortmund,Bella Donna won V1,J.CAC and the Europe Junior Winner 2010
 under Mrs. R.Hall (Saxomill,UK)
Fenja ,Bella's sister was second and Vize Europe J.Winner !
Congratulation Ria from Sierra Parecis Kennel !

Stacy won V3 in Dortmund under R.Hall (Saxomill,UK)

Oberhausen, Happen'z Bella Donna won V1,JCAC and JBOB under Mr. Sistermann (D),
Anasthasia got Res.CAC


Billie,Happen'z Billie Jean :
Greater Orange Park Dog Show Elkton,Florida, 10-04-2010  Best of Opposite Sex  1 point
Greater Orange Park Dog Show Elkton,Florida, 11-04-2010  Best Puppy
Congratulation Nermin and Billie,way to go !

Eddi,Happen'z Building A Mystery:

Eddi got V1 ans was the Best Junior in Wieselburg ( CACIB) under L.Fintorova,
Congratulation Sarka and little sweet Eddi !!!

Michael won his first JCAC under Mrs. Raufelder in Köln

Anasthasia won her CAC in Luxemburg under Mr. L. Heinesche (Lux)

Michael and Donna won both on their first show her Luxemburger Junior Champ title under
Mr. Laurent Heinesche (Lux)

Simon try to be the king over Bella Donna

Welcome Mr.Very Vigie Embrasse Moi !
Thank you so much Mr. L. Pichard for this very promissing boy!
'' Simon''

You find directly some friends with Bella ,Stevie.....

and Sophie

Fribourg : Anasthasia won V1,CAC and Res.CACIB under M.Alcrudo


Jamie has new pics under pappies sold

FFenja has new pics under pappies sold

Stevie and Sophie got a new pic on her own site under more pics

The new year begins very nicely ,Brando ,Happen'z Brand New Star  won Best Puppy in Paris
under Mr. Mattera (France) .Congratulation Didier and Brando !


We have new pics from our youngstars ,every has his own site
Michael Donna and Sophie !