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Frozen semen is available under available site....

We are very happy ,the ultrasound was positive !!!
So we excpect puppies around 1th,February 2012....


new update under current litter !


A successful day in Wels (Austria) :

team Claus and Lara successful in Wels ,Jason ''Jazzaro's Say What You Say''
won his third CAC,CACIB and was BOS under respected judge
Stephen Wheeler ,thank you so much !



Great news from Luxemburg !

Our Jason won CAC,CACIB,BOS under Mrs. R.Wild in a very taff competition !
He finished his first Championship !
Happen'z Bella Donna won Res.CAC,Res.CACIB
Happen'z Brand New Star was second in open class

Great news from Metz (France):
Happen'z Blaze of Glory won CAC,CACIB and BOB in a very taff competition
under Mrs. S.Desserne (F)

New pics from Sophie,Stacy and Jason

Great news from Lausanne :
 Our Beauty Happen'z Anasthasia won CAC,Res.CACIB ,
our Jason won CAC,CACIB,BOB and finally BOG 2 !!!
Thank you Mrs.L.Mach !


Jamie '' Happen'z Blaze of Glory '' won in Lausanne on Saterday
under Mr. Klein V1,CAC !
Congratulation Inge ,Jamie and their family !!!

We got a super pic from very beautiful Fenja ''Happen'z Busy Beeing Fabulous''
Thank you very much Kelly and Ria !!!

Impressions from Bad Homburg :
Our Bella Donna won her third CAC ánd Mister Jason won BOB ,Hessen Winner 2011
and BIS 2 under Mrs. Ubrova and Mr. Brixhe ,just 2 years old.......
Thank you so much for this great day !

One weekend before Jason was Best male under Mr. B.Fritz.

Another great day in Innsbruck !
Jazzaro's Say What You Say won CAC,CACIB,BOB  and our Stacy
Happen'z Anasthasia won CAC,CACIB under Mrs. M.L.Doppelreiter.
Thank you so much !

Jamie ''Happen'z Blaze of Glory''  won CAC,CACIB ,BOB   under Mrs. Melchior
in Ludwigshafen! We are so proud of you !Huge congratulation Inge !

Jason won CAC,CACIB ,BOB and 3.BIS under Mr. Coppens and Mr.Pepper
Our Bella Donna won CAC and CACIB !
Thank you judges for this great day !

Great news !
Jason won CAC,CACIB and was Golden Trophy Winner 2011 in Liege
under Mr. Kuplyauskas (Ru) .
Bella Donna got Res.CAC and could get CACIB .

What a windy day !
Our Bella Donna won in Hünstetten under Mr. Horak  Ex 1 and CAC
Lara won with Bella Donna second time the first place in Juniorhandling,
way to go ladies !

An unforgettible day ,thank you all judges and Congratulation all Winners !!!

CAC and World Winner Kid Sox with Gunilla and Res.CAC Jason

Our Jason won Ex1 and Res.CAC in Paris at the World Winner Show under Mr. H.Anschober
Here won Jason the Intermediate class .

Happen'z Blaze of Glory,two years old with his proud owner

Happen'z Busy Beeing Fabulous ''Fenja'' .2 years old with her owner
Ria from Sierra Parecis Afghans.Thank you for these beautiful pics !

Our Jason won Ex1 and CAC in Luxembourg under Mr. B.Fritz !
He started now his 5. Championship !

Happen'z Bella Donna was 2. and Happen'z Busy Beeing Fabulous
was 3. in open under Mr.B.Fritz in Luxemburg

Happen'z Brand New Star ''Brando '' won on Saterday in Aarau (Swiss)
under Mrs. Kavic Ex1,CAC,BOS and on Sunday Ex1,CAC,BOS again
under Mr. B.Fritz !
Congratulation Didier and Brando !

Edie ,Happen'z Building A Mystery won last weekend
2 x CAC in Komarom (Hungary)
CAC,CACIB in Klagenfurth (Austria)
We are so proud of Edie and Sarka !!!

Jamie ,Donna's brother won his second CAC under Mr. Sistermann
in Saarbrücken! Congratulation to Jamie and his family !

new pics from our beauty Bella Donna

new pics from Ryan's son ''Jason ''updated

Sophie's sister Stara ,Ryan's daughter....What a beauty !
Thank you so much Jani for this wonderful pic !


Salzburg : What a great day !!!

Our Jason won Ex.1,CAC,CACIB and Bella Donna won Exc.1,CAC,CACIB,1.BOG,3.BIS !
Thank you so much the judges :Mrs.D.Getzinger, Mrs.M.Heine and Mr. St.Sinko for this
unforgettible day.
Our 8 years old daughter Lara was the handler from Bella Donna in competition with Jason
and did a super job.......


Edie,brother from Bella Donna won CAC,CACIB,BOB in Bratislava under Mrs.L. Fintorova !
Congratulation Sarka and Edie ! He finished is coursing licience and had a wonderful litter.

Dortmund,Europe Winner Show under Mrs. C.Delmar:
Jason won V1,CAC and Bella Donna won V2,Res.CAC


Jason is now 18 month old and started his first shows,
last week in Dresden under M.Heine he got Exc1,Res.CAC
Bella Donna won also Exc1,Res.CAC and this week he got
Exc2 under Mrs. Kirwan (UK)

Some new pics of Michael...22 month old

Some impressions from Fam. Heuberger and their beloved Cathy,
there are so interesting things......
Thank you so much Sämi and Rosemarie !

Catherine is now one week in her new family and she and her family are really happy together.Thank you so much
Gaby for these beautiful pics again !!!

Cathy is very happy in her new family ,thank you so much for the lovely pics and all the best for family Heuberger and
little devil ''Cathy '' !


Great result from Happen's Busy Being Fabulous ''Fenja'',
She won CAC and Res.CACIB in Luxemburg under
Mrs.  Roel van Veen-Keur (NL)
Congratulation Ria and Kelly,we are very proud !


 Catherine and her very happy family

 Catherine in her new home.......

Cathy and Catherine went in their new homes and here is the first feedback from Catherine
and her new owner Gaby.We wish Gaby and her family the very best with Catherine !

Jason has new pics on his own side,he is now 18 month !

Jamie at the age of 21 month,thank you Inge and her family !

Michael is now 21 month old !

New pics updated from our 4 month old puppies !!!


New pics updated from our Bella Donna

New pics updated at the age of 10 weeks under puppies !