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Ryan's last litter was born.........

Happen'z Busy Being Fabulous ''Fenja'' won in Kortrijk CAC,BOB under
Mr. G. Decrue (B) ,huge congratulation Ria ,Kelly and Fenja !
Way to go girls.....

Karlsruhe :

Billie ''Happen'z Dare to Dream'' won 2 x V1,CAC,2 x VDH and Stevie ''Karakush Kat Stevens'' won
V1,VDH,Sonday V2,Res.VDH,Res.CAC under Mrs. F.Kappacher and Mrs. Derres !

Genf :

Billie won V1,CAC;res.CACIB on Saterday under Mr. Kostopulous
on Sonday he won V1,CAC under Mr. M.Hagstedt
Stevie won on both days V2,Res.CAC

We are very happy .......
Jason won in Metz CAC,CACIB,BOB under Mrs. P.Richard and finished his
Frensh Champion !!!!
Thank you so much !

Great weekend for Happen'z ......

Emma finished her German Jun. Champ.,Justin on his first show ever won Jun.BOB and Jun. BIS
in Schwarzenfeld under Mr. R. Spörr (A).  J.D. won his 3rd CAC and is now in pending time
for his German Champ. and not forgt Happen'z was Best Breed Group !!!
Thank you Mr. Spörr for this great day !

Happen'z Busy Being Fabulous ''Fenja'' won in Douai CAC,BOB under
Mrs. Zola Rawson (UK) ,huge congratulation Ria ,Kelly and Fenja !
Way to go girls.....

J.D. made his second coursing in great style in Sachsenheim,he was first and got his first CACC !
Huge congratulation J.D. and his family !

Jason won in Beauvais (France) CAC and was Best Male under Mr. L.Colas ,
thank you for this lovely day !!!

Fenja ''Happen'z Busy Beeing Fabulous'' won at the Specialty Afghaanse Windh.Club NL 2013
BOB and BIS under Mr. L.Dehaes and Mr. F. Gerritsen .
Congratulation Ria (Sierra Parecis Afghans) and Kelly (Thuja) for this great win !!!
Thank you R.v.Reem for this picture.

Jason finished in Geneve at the Europe Winner Show his Swiss Champ title and was Vize Euro Winner 2013
under Mr. J.Nallem

Jamie ,M.Ch.SBIS Happen'z Blaze of Glory,4 years old
with proud owner Inge

Hot news ........

Jason won BOB and Emma ''Happen'z Entertain Me'' was second time in Junior Class and was Jun.BOB
and BEST FEMALE under Mr. M. Zlojutro in Münster!!!
Thank you for this lovely day !

BOS decition...

Great weekend in Haan Hochdahl :

Jason won BOB and Emma ''Happen'z Entertain Me'' was first time in Junior Class and was Jun.BOB
under Mrs. E.M. Klepp .
Thank you for this lovely day....

Great weekend in Innsbruck :

Billie ''Happen'z Dare to Dream'' won both days V1,CAC and Stevie ''Karakush Kat Stevens'' won
Saterday V2,Res.CAC,Sonday V1,CAC,BOS,CACIB under Mrs. Urschitz and Mrs. Tarjan !
Huge congratulation team Steffi !!!

Jamie was on Saterday in Innsbruck under Mrs. Urschitz V1,BOS
Huge congratulation !

J.D. had his first race in Landstuhl and was third !

Happen'z Freak like Me ,10 weeks old had his first shoot

new pics from Emma and Justin on their own sites

Billie won in Schaffhausen under Mr.D. Tesic V1,CAC,BOS,BOB ,6.BOG
Super Steffi and huge congratulation !!!!
Not to forget Stevie won V2 !

J.D. won his second CAC in Ludwigshafen under Mrs. Knips (Lux)
We are happy for you Uli and J.D. !!!

Brandon came back as a Multi Champ,for us as a very lovely dog....
after his stay in his so nicely grooming family he found very quickly
a lovely home .We wish him all the best with his new family and
a very happy life .He never lost to trust deepest respect for
such a great character !!!!
Thank you Uli ,Bernd and Caroline,thank you Chris and Karola !


Jason did it again.......
he won BOB ,BOG 3 and second time Golden Trophy Winner
in Liege under Mrs. M.Dekaristou (greece)

Happen'z Freak Like Me ''Steven'' ,8,5 weeks very busy again....

Jamie ''Happen'z Blaze of Glory '' was in Mertingen under N. Ahrend
BOS and BOB ,congratulation !!!

 Happen'z Daredevil J.D. did it again !!!
He won his first CAC in Mertingen under Mrs. N. Ahrend.,congratulation !!!

Our Jason won in Ostercappeln V1,BOS,BOB and the title
Country Winner Weser Ems 2013 under respected judge Mrs. R. Tromp Pryun !

Eva won Jun.CAC and Puppy BIS under Mr. D.James (UK)
and Mrs. A.Gielisse,way to go Janet and Eva !!!!

sweet dreams ......

little son of Jason ,our fighter,is now 5 days old .......


Jamie ''Happen'z Blaze of Glory '' won his second CAC in Bar Le Duc France
under Mrs. R.Douma Petroula Effrossyni,huge congratulation !!!


J.D. got in Ingolstadt under Mr. L.Erdös V1,Res.CAC
Well done !


One puppy was born on 23 th,May with a weight of 695 g .
This male is black and brindle like his daddy Jason.

First result from Budapest CACIB show under Hans van der Berg :
Billie won V1,JCAC and was Junior Winner

Some impressions from Dortmund Europe Winner Show under Mrs.P.Cruz (US)
Jason ''Jazzaro's Say What You Say'' won the Champ Class and could finish
his VDH Champion

left Europe Winner 2013,right Vize Europe Winner

Great weekend in Sankt Gallen ....
  Billie ''Happen'z Dare to Dream'' won Jug.CAC,Jug.BOB on both days
 finished his Swiss.Jun.Champ !
Huge congratulation  Steffi and her family !!!

Jason ''Jazzaro's Say What You Say '' was shown on Sunday and won CAC,BOS,BOB and 1. BOG under Mrs. J.Szanka (H) !
left : BOS    right : BOB decition in Sankt Gallen.


1.BOG ,we are very proud........thank you for the nice day !


Successful weekend in Salzburg ....
Jamie ''Happen'z Blaze of Glory'' won CAC and Billie ''Happen'z Dare to Dream'' won Jug.CAC,Jug.BOB
under Mrs.I.Urschitz (A) and finished his Austr.Jun.Champ !
Huge congratulation Inge and Steffi and their families !!!

Billie ''Happen'z Dare to Dream''

M.Jun.Ch. Happen'z Daredevil J.D. did it again !!!
He won V1,JBOB and the title Country Junior Winner Bad.W.2013,
under Mr.Münstermann .
We are so proud! Huge congratulation J.D. and his family,thanks Inge
for showing him !

M.Ch.Happen'z Building A Mysteri  won V1,CAC,Res.CACIB 
in Wieselburg under Mr. Darko Petreski,
Congratulation team Edie and Sarka !!!

Great weekend in Luxemburg .......
M.Ch.Happen'z Blaze of Glory won V1,CAC,Res.CACIB and
M.Jun.Ch. Happen'z Daredevil won V1,Lux. Jun.Ch. under M.Gadsby
in a very taff competition !
Congratulation both families from proud Happen'z !!!

Bella Donna has new pics.....

Billie is ready for the show ring....

Happen'z Dare to Dream ''Billie'' was shown in Fribourg and won on Saterday Res.JCAC under Mr. Sistermann and
on Sunday he was Best Junior under Mr. Sudarsan!We are very proud of team Billie and Steffi !

J.D. send a birthday card and we all congratulate the whole litter
for the 1. Birthday !!!
Thank you Uli and her family .


Our beloved Happen'z Bella Donna won in Mouscron CAC,CACIB and was Best Female
under Mrs. V. Ivanishcheva (Ru).
She finished her International Champion !
Second Best Female was Thuja Candy Kisses

New pics from very happy Eva !!!
Thank you so much Derk and Janet !

The new year had a good start : J.D. won in Nürnberg
both days V1,JCAC and was German (DWZRV) ,VDH Junior Champ !!!
Thank you Mr. Fritz and Mrs. Kammerscheid Lammers!