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News  2016


Luxemburg :
''Michael'', Misty Medow's Bet On It had his debut under Mr. Hallier (  F)
was Best puppy and did very well in honor ring
Matti was Ex4 and Wilma Ex2 under Mr. Vanaken ( B)

Matti was in Cologne Best Junior and Best wire hair teckel from Cologne
under Mr. Papenhagen

Erika schickt Grüße aus ihrem neuen Zuhause und fühlt sich pudelwohl....!!!
Erika send hugs from her new home and is feeling very well....!!!

this great red mini wire teckelboy is 11 weeks and still available for his right home
Dieser kleine rote Rauhaarzwergteckelrüde ,11 Wochen alt,sucht noch das
passende Zuhause !

this great red mini wire teckelboy is still looking his right home
Dieser kleine rote Rauhaarzwergteckelrüde sucht noch das
passende Zuhause !


these two beautiful puppies,female and male are still looking
for their right home

diese zwei wunderschönen Welpen ,Hündin und Rüde,
suchen noch das passende Zuhause

new puppy pics at the age of 3 weeks
under puppy archiv,puppy 2


Teckelshow in Delhoven -Dormagen :
Alpheratz Happen'z got V2,Res.VDH,Res.CAC
Alpheratz Bora Bora got V1,VDH and DTK CAC,BOS,BOB
Happen'z All Night Long got first time in Junior V1,Jug.CAC and Jug.BOB
under respected judge Mr. Theo Leenen (B)



Jodie delivered 5 beautiful puppies ,4 girls and 1 boy in red
and black and red colours on 25th May

Super weekend in Saarbrücken !
Nigel ,Alpheratz Happenz won V1,CAC,CACIB,BOS and
our crazy Wilma ,Alpheratz Bora Bora got V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB under
Mrs.Zejlka Fon Zida,thank you !


Yeah...the ultrasound was positiv !

a new pic from Wilma ,nearly 2 years old

28 the february,Nigel won V1,DTK VDH under Mrs.Martin Altmeyer
our future ''Matti'' ,Happen'z All Night long got VVSP and did very well


The show must go on.....
Billie visited Italy

Saterday he won V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB,Res.BIG
under C.Redhead (Aust) and M.Th.G.Mondo (IT)

Sonday he won V1,CAC,CACIB,BOB,3.BIG
under s.Kelveri-Philippou (CY) and V.Nataletti (IT)