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News 2009


Winner Show Amsterdam: Stacy won the open class and Ryan was second
in champion class under Mrs. Blanco (Esp.)

Welcome Sophie ,we are very happy !!!
Thank you so much Jani for this beautiful sweet girl .

Time to say Good by Billie ,she went to sunny Florida
and we wish Nermin and his family all the best with her !

Our Steve at the age of 9 month

Now a new pic from our beloved 5 years old boy ''Ryan''



Fenja left in her new home,we wish Ria ,Kelly and their families all the best with her !

Hi,we are now 4,5 month old ,please have a look under puppy page !

Our Stacy won on Saterday in Dortmund under Mrs. M.De Haney Res.CAC and
on Sonday in Dortmund under Mr. Knauber CAC

Our Stacy got the third place at the World Dog Show in Bratislava under Mr. Wheeler


Bruce went in his new home,we wish Didier all the best with his new show boy!

Belle went in her new home,we wish family Lüdemann all the best with this little
wirbelwind !!


Jamie went in his new home and he has a lot to do....and his new family also now....
We wish Inge ,Jochen,Jessica and Janina all the best with him !!!

Jacko went in his new home,we wish Sarka all the best with him !

Some new pic at the age of 12 weeks under puppies  !

Some new shots under puppies  !

Badi'ah went in her new home,we wish Mrs. and Mr. Matten all the best with her !

Ada and Ryan married ,look at halflitter's !

We have new pics under puppy page at the age of  8 weeks !

Our weekend in Donaueschingen was really successful !!!
On Saterday our beloved Stacy won CAC,BOS and Winner Donaueschingen 2009
under Mr. Campagne (F) and on Sonday Stacy won CAC again and was second Best Female
under Mr. Nielsen (Can) !
Thank you so much to both judges !

We have new pics under puppy page at the age of 6 weeks !

There are a lot of  new pics under puppy page !

There are a lot of pics under puppy page !

Leila delivered 9 healthy puppies,more under puppy page!

Welcome Stevie !!!
Our Stevie :Karakush Cat Stevens has arrived!
Despite the long flight he arrived here and walked into the house
as if he'd never been anywhere else.
Thank you Helen and Le for letting us have this wonderful boy !

Stacy won her  CAC again and was Best Female in Erfurt under Mrs.R.Wagner
On second day she won Res.CAC under Mrs.R.Sporre-Willes

Stacy won her third CAC in Offenbach under Mr. Sistermann (D)


Leila 's ultrasound was positiv,she is pregnant !!!We expect puppies end of June !


Stacy won her second CAC ,CACIB,BOS in Saarbrücken under Mrs.L.Mach (Swiss)
and got the title '' Saarlandwinner''


Stacy won her first CAC in Freiburg under Mrs. Lundström (S) and was Best Female !


Our Multi Championesse Kingsleah Leila was inseminated with semen from great
Multi,Grand Ch. SBIS Speciality Winner Khandhu Amore Amalfi
Puppies will be expected in the end of June


Frank won V1 again under Mr.G.v.Lehn and finished his German DWZRV and VDH
Junior Championship !

Stacy  won V1 and Res.CAC  under Mr.G.v.Lehn in Oberhausen

Stacy got also in Köln under Mrs. M. De Haney V2

Frank got V1,JCAC,JBOB and 2.JBIS under Mrs.M.De Haney and Mr. Brixhe,
thank you !

Frank got V3 in Junior Class under Mr.R. Santiago on 28 th, March with 9 month

Thank you so much Camilla from Tell's Kennel in Sweden for helping to make such
beautiful pics from our lovely Frank !

Anasthasia got V2,Res.CAC in Luxemburg under  Mr.R.Santiago on 28 th,March

Ryan has been breed Pia on 18th/19th March ,more under

We have new moving and standing pics from our boy Ryan,please have a look under
more pics Ryan

Frank won his first show with  just 9 month in Offenburg (CACIB) under Mr. Voijtek

Anasthasia was second in intermediate class in Offenburg and got Res.VDH. under Mr. Voijtek